Alderete Pools warrants that the swimming pool/spa structure will retain water for as long as the buyer owns the home or ten (10) years, whichever comes first. Should the pool fail to retain water at any time during the warranty, Alderete Pools will, upon proper notice at no cost to OWNER, repair the pool structure so that it will retain water. By definition, the pool structure does not include such things as coping, tile, decking, plumbing, coloring, pool accessories or other appurtenances.

Alderete Pools warrants that the pool equipment will be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of three (3) years from the date of plaster.

Pool plumbing, piping and plumbing accessories, electrical, gas, and all underground installations provided by Alderete pools are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of plaster.

Decks, plaster, walls, stucco, coping and all other masonry products are warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from date of plaster. Concrete and masonry products are inherently subject to cracking, checking, discoloration, staining, and lack of uniformity of color these conditions are not considered defective. Raising or settling which results from expansive or preexisting insufficiently compacted soils is not warranted.

Notwithstanding the above, your warranty is limited in the following regards:

  1. The pool is not kept full of water except for a seven day period each year for maintenance.
  2. The water table rises above the lowest point of the pool.
  3. Structure is damaged by earth or fill ground movement, earthquake or acts of God or acts of others.
  4. Defects or failures resulting from mistreatment or neglect shall be repaired at OWNERS expense.
  5. Walks and Decking: Walks, decking and cantilever type decking are not warranted against cracking or discoloration. Small hairline cracks are normal in concrete.
  6. Plaster: Plaster is not warranted against discoloration, staining or checking, streaking since such plaster defects generally result from local water conditions, improper use of chemicals or lack of or improper cleaning of pool.
  7. Work by Others: Alderete Pools does not warrant any work, materials, or equipment provided, installed or repaired by anyone other than Alderete Pools Inc. or our authorized subcontractors and service personal and shall not be liable for any defects, failures, loss or damage resulting therefrom.
  8. This warranty shall not apply to defects or failures caused by mistreatment or neglect.
  9. Salt water pools are not recommended due to the corrosion factor. Manufacture warranties can and will be adjusted if installed.
  10. All warranties and guarantees set forth above are subject to complete payment of all contract charges, Said charges to include all contract change orders

Upon transfer of the title to your real property, this warranty may be transferred to the new Buyer, after inspection and at the discretion of Alderete Pools Inc. And upon a written request within 60 days of transfer of title. After all current policies and requirements in force at the time of request have been satisfied, the approval of the transfer of warranty will be in effect upon payment of a transfer fee and the issuance of a new warranty certificate in the name of the new buyer.


Structural Pool And Spa ShellLifetime As Long As You Own the homeOriginal owner only, unless transferred
Pumps, Filter, Heater3 YearsManufactures Extended
Automation, In House & Remote3 YearsManufactures Extended
Ozone System2 YearsSee Limitations
In-Floor Cleaning System1 YearSee Limitations
Plumbing And Gas1 YearSee Limitations
Electrical1 YearSee Limitations
Decking1 YearSee Limitations
Masonry1 YearSee Limitations
Plaster1 YearSee Limitations
Pebble1 YearSee Limitations
Glass Bead1 YearSee Limitations
LED Lights3 YearsSee Limitations
White Lights1 YearSee Limitations
White Light Bulb Only90 Days


Alderete Pools Warranty Complies With or Exceeds all California State Laws and California Contractors State License Board Guide Lines and Requirements.

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