3 Design Elements to Talk to Your Pool Designer About

Getting a swimming pool is a big decision and getting the right pool for your family is important to ensure it is enjoyed for many years. There are 3 basic design elements to talk to your pool designer about before they start, to ensure they know what you want.

Type of Pool

Different types of pool go beyond above ground and in ground. The local weather and who will be using the pool can influence the type of pool needed. In ground pools can be made of fiberglass, vinyl or concrete. Each has its own benefits and drawbacks.

Fiberglass pools are like giant bathtubs. They are cast in the factory and then installed in one piece. They are flexible and are often recommended for earthquake areas as they are less likely to break.

Vinyl pools are popular in cold regions as they are easy to winterize for the cold weather. They also have very smooth textures and so reduce wear and tear on swimsuits.

Concrete pools are very popular. They are built in stages and can be custom built for any landscape theme. This makes them the most versatile of any of the building materials. 

Talk with your pool designer to see what they recommend for your home.

Design Theme

Talk to your pool designer about how the pool will be used. A family with young children will have different needs than a couple who just wants a place to relax. Incorporate other water features into the pool and the landscape to create a more interesting design and create a relaxing area. Lighting is another option that will vary according to use.Lighting inside the pool as well as around the deck area can extend the time the pool can be used.

Don’t forget to incorporate all local safety requirements for fencing and covering the pool. When the design includes these elements up front they make the pool easier to care for in the long run.

Other Pool Items

How the pool will be used will also influence the mechanics of the pool. Heaters and filters are two examples of items that will need to be tailored to the expected use of the pool. Pool covers are another option that varies widely in use. They are great in wooded areas or other places where there is a lot of flying debris, to help keep debris out of the water. They can also provide solar heating for the pool water, thus extending the season the pool can be used.

Communicating clearly what you want in a final product will help ensure your pool is all that you dreamed it would be. For more information on pools and spas contact us.

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