Call on high-quality pool builders to give young kids a head start in swimming

Having a swimming pool in your backyard is usually a treat for kids, who love the water.  But beyond being a fun way to spend time, learning to swim from a young age also gives kids an important cognitive boost. A recent article highlights research showing that kids who start swimming at an earlier age also tend, on average, to reach various developmental milestones earlier; these include various visual and motor skills, along with abilities related to language and math.

Giving even toddler-aged kids swimming lessons, and the opportunity to safely explore the water, could be a wonderful opportunity for them.  Swimming calls on kids to explore a new medium – water – and use their body and brain in new ways as they adapt to it on sensory, motor, and higher cognitive levels.

Do kids always take to the water immediately? Not always, and the article gives tips on introducing them to the pool in a gentle, no-pressure way.  This could mean showing them how much fun you’re having in the water, and giving them choices, not just about whether they want to get in or not, but whether they want to maybe just sit and paddle their feet first.  You can of course also give reassurances to them that you’ll be with them the whole time, keeping them safe, and have them splash you a little for fun too.

When talking to pool builders about the kind of pool you’d want in your backyard, think about the features that might make it friendlier to young kids – not only safety features, such as secure pool covers, but other kinds of design elements.  For instance, would you want your pool to have a relatively gradual slope from shallow to deep water? Would you want to include some fun features such as a slide or a small splashing fountain?

By contacting us, you’ll get a pool design and installation service that will allow you to get the pool of your dreams, not just for yourself but for your kids, who can thrive, learn, and play happily and safely in the water from a young age.

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