Concrete Swimming Pools: Lengthier Construction Time Can Be To Your Benefit

Concrete swimming pools are part of a legacy that goes back to the earliest days when swimming pools were built in the backyards of residences. Some of that started with the Hollywood community in the early days of movies where movie stars spent more money to ensure a durable swimming pool that lasted for years. And while concrete pools are well worth the extra cost for many, construction time will take considerably longer. However, this can be to your advantage due to the convenient qualities of concrete in creating any pool that matches your imagination.

Concrete Can Be Made in Any Shape You Want

Do you have a specific shape in mind for your swimming pool? Other materials like fiberglass can’t always shape your pool into something unique. You’ll be able to customize your pool into something nobody else has and mimic famous celebrity pools built many years ago that are still being used today.  

You may also want an overly large pool if you live on upscale property. A pool with a diving board, in particular, will require a larger pool size that only concrete can accommodate.

Climate isn’t a Major Concern

While it’s obviously better to not have your concrete pool constructed during a rainstorm, you don’t have to worry about climate harming your pool once it’s built. Because your concrete pool is going to be likely permanent, cooler climates don’t do damage. Your only concern is maintenance each month, which concrete pools do need to eliminate algae from growing. And covering it in the winter should be done automatically to avoid your pool filling with rain water or snow.

Choosing Different Colors and Textures

When you choose to have a concrete pool built, you have options of using different colors and textures in the concrete to add individual style. Despite requiring from three to six weeks for construction, the beautiful results can potentially be one of the highlights of you and your family’s year. That’s because you can look forward to many years of parties and family get-togethers swimming in a pool that makes a personal statement rather than being ordinary.


A concrete pool can last for multiple generations, even though you should consider a resurfacing at least every decade. As mentioned, some of the most famous concrete pools built in legendary celebrity homes are still being maintained and used to this very day. Some of those pools are as much as 70 years old.

If you live in the Orange County, California area, consider the truly experienced pool-building team of Alderete Pools, Inc. With over 30 years of building concrete pools and spas for hundreds of satisfied people, we’re also state-of-the-art in providing pool features people want today. This includes ozone water purification systems and automated pool functions that are controlled with mobile devices.

Contact us about what you want in a pool for your home and we’ll build it for you. We know the advantages of concrete and will ensure that we implement the design to your exact specifications.

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