Construct a Pool That Becomes a Summer Social Hub

In summer, a swimming pool usually becomes a hub for exciting parties.  Along with the traditional get-togethers on Memorial Day Weekend, Fourth of July, and Labor Day Weekend, summer is a time to cheer on recent graduates of all ages who will soon be starting a new school or job.  There are also a number of other occasions that call for a celebration in and around your pool, including birthdays and anniversaries.

When you construct a pool or remodel your existing poolscape, you may want to think of ways to make it not only luxurious but also accommodating to larger parties. 

How much space would you want around your pool, for people to recline on lounge chairs, sit at a table in the shade, or stand around and talk? What form should that seating space take? High-quality stone decking and concrete coping can be the foundation for a beautiful poolscape constructed in unique and imaginative ways.  Using their ingenuity, expert pool designers can create a wonderland for you and your guests with stone benches, an elegant outdoor fireplace flanked by chairs, or hidden retreats such as a seat tucked behind a waterfall; broad steps, perfect for lounging in the water, could lead into the pool. 

What size do you think would be ideal for your pool? If you’re not sure that your backyard can accommodate a pool large enough for your tastes, keep in mind that creative solutions can be found, including free-form pools in different shapes.  Expert pool builders will also be able to work with hilly terrain or uneven surfaces in your yard.

How best to keep your guests entertained? A water slide is always a popular feature in swimming pools.  Your poolscape could also have an outdoor sound system that plays music.  Beyond these individual features, you can think of how the pool and yard together might be renovated into a recreational hotspot.  For instance, to one side of your pool you could have a magnificent outdoor bar, set among rockwork and gleaming stone, or a stylish barbecue grill overlooking the water.  Some people enjoy a ‘golf club’ feel to their backyard, with their swimming pool lapping at the edges of a miniature putting green.

Just as the possibilities for recreation are numerous, so are the opportunities to wow your guests.  At night, soft LED lights can make the water shimmer and light up the foliage around your pool.  Fountain works and a waterfalls, fire leaping out of ornate bowls, natural-looking streams, and even a koi pond could be a part of your backyard landscape.  As for the pool itself, giving it a glass bead finish will entrance your guests.

Contact us to design and construct your dream pool and turn your backyard into an ideal venue for parties and summer fun.  Your guests will have the time of their life at your home, and, once they leave, the pool will be all yours to enjoy, any time you like.

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