Cost Benefit Analysis of a New Swimming Pool

Many people spend hundreds of dollars per year on a gym membership. Therapists, counselors, stress-reducing agents, fitness memberships, and physical therapy all cost money and the cost adds up quickly. If you compare the amount of money spent on all these health benefiting programs and the amount of time required to take advantage of them, you might learn that purchasing a new swimming pool makes both financial and time-saving sense in the end.


The average gym membership costs about $50 per month. That’s not counting the extra hundred dollars or two that many gyms charge as a joining fee. So let’s take a conservative estimate and say a person will spend about $600 per year on a gym. Filters and annual pool maintenance is actually comparable to that, so when it comes to a gym membership or keeping up with swimming pool maintenance, it’s an even break. 


To reduce stress, many people employ therapists or counselors. The stress of work, of family life, and of money all takes its toll. Sometimes a person is actually prescribed a vacation to reduce stress. In fact, it’s not uncommon for psychologists, psychiatrists, or therapists to give a person doctor-ordered sick leave from work for a mental health break. By taking breaks on a regular basis and doing physical activity, this accumulation of stress can be ameliorated. No need for prescribed vacations or time away from work. 

An extra vacation every year can run between $500 for cheap ones, or $4000 and up for the more elaborate ones. Let’s take a conservative estimate there and say it’s about $1000 per year for that extra vacation. A therapist or counselor will often charge upwards of $100 per hour and make weekly or biweekly appointments. That’s anywhere from $2000 to $5000 a year right there.

Health costs

Health care from stress costs the average person upwards of $7,500 per year as some studies estimate. That’s a lot of money. If we stop right here, the cost of a counselor, prescribed vacation, or stress-related health care together cost more than all the installation fees associated with a relatively cheap new pool and a gym membership is about the same as the cost of annual pool maintenance. Even excluding any other considerations like convenience, pool parties, relaxation, and esthetics, a swimming pool pays for itself. In the first five years, even a mid-range swimming pool makes financial sense.


Now let’s consider the value of your time. Those trips to the gym, appointments to see a therapist, time off from work for stress-reduction vacations, and trips to the doctor for stress-related issues can all be reduced. There’s no easy way to put a monetary value on time but since we’ve already explained how the cost of a pool is paid for in reducing stress and improving health, well, the value of your time is limitless and doesn’t even have to enter into the equation to conclude that the cost of a new pool, for many people, pays for itself — some pools within a single year and some within the first five.

Home improvement

If you think at some point you might sell your house in the future, you’re going to want to consider making improvements that can improve the overall value of your home. A swimming pool, especially in warm areas of the country, can do just that. If you have any questions about how a swimming pool can benefit you financially, whether it’s an investment in your health, your time, or the value of your home, contact us today.

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