Create your own oasis with landscaping around swimming pool

When it’s time to plan that new pool that you want in your backyard, something that you want to emphasize is the landscaping around the swimming pool.

The right landscaping will make the difference between having a swimming pool and having an inviting oasis where you, your family and your friends can enjoy all the benefits that having your own pool brings.

Your pool is more than just a place to swim. It can be the place where you go to unwind after a tough day, even if you aren’t going to swim. It all depends on your design.

Good pool landscaping can combine a number of elements.


One or more bits of landscape consisting of well-maintained turf grass can provide a pleasing visual aspect to the pool and a place where seating can be placed if you want to sit outside and escape the heat.

Patios, Decks and Paths

The decking around your pool is an integral part of a total design plan that can be enhanced by creating different levels for different uses. You can have a pool level deck with risers that go to a spa, an outdoor kitchen, a gazebo, and gardening spots. Connect all these with a walking path and you have a wonderful place to while away those free hours.

Gardens and planters

By incorporating these planting elements into your design you not only add color, shading and texture to your pool landscape, you add practicality. Incorporate herbs and spice plants that you can use in your kitchen and even set up some planters where you can grow your favorite fruits and vegetables.


If your not really into plants, hardscapes can help you achieve the same goals of adding texture and shapes to your landscape. Rock gardens and walls are great for breaking up open spaces and creating points of interest in a landscape.

Waterfalls and streams

Adding a water features to you pool landscape can bring the entire landscape into focus and provide soothing, relaxing sound to the area.

It’s easy to see that you have many options when it comes to designing the landscape that will turn your pool from a concrete pond into a private oasis where you will want to spend all of your free time. Contact us and we can help you plan the perfect pool and landscape to fit your lifestyle.

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