Are You Buying A Home, Are You Selling A Home, Or Are You Representing Someone Who Is Buying Or Selling A Home? If The Answer Is Yes, Then You Must Read This.

Home inspection by a professional is a must when you are buying or selling an existing home, they checked every room in the house to ensure everything is in proper working order, they check the electrical system they check the plumbing system they check the appliances they check the house foundation they check for termites etc. etc.  They then give the parties concerned all written report.

Well there is one room in a home that often gets ignored or at best skimmed over, and that is your outdoor room, where here in Southern California most of the time includes a swimming pool and spa in all the amenities that go with it.

So just like your home, you want a professional to perform the inspection on your swimming pool so that nothing is messed that could be a problem or a future problem.

In our opinion that professional can only be an experienced swimming pool contractor with many years of pool construction knowledge.  There are many things about a swimming pool and its equipment that could be a problem or a future problem that an inexperienced person might miss.

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Total price: $190.00


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