Custom spas by Southern California’s premier pool and spa builder

Do you feel like your backyard is so small you could barely fit a washtub in it, much less a pool?  Consider a custom spa instead from Alderete Pools, Southern California’s premier pool and spa builder

There are numerous benefits to having a spa if you don’t have the space for Alderete Pool’s fantastic designs.  Paramount of those advantages is the limited space needed for a spa.  Alderete Pools can customize your spa to fit your space.  With the addition of the Fast Lane Swim Machine your spa can be transformed from a relaxing oasis one night to your own personal lap pool the next morning.

Spas offer numerous health benefits.  With the addition of a Fast Lane Swim Machine, you can increase those benefits by providing an opportunity for the wonderful exercise of swimming.  Several studies have shown that swimming is an extremely beneficial low impact exercise to those suffering from arthritis.  Even if you don’t suffer from arthritis but want to improve your overall health, swimming can improve flexibility and cardiovascular health. 

The design professionals at Alderete Pools can create the spa oasis of your dreams.  Your new spa doesn’t have to be the square box it once was.  With the addition of rock features and creative landscape designs, your backyard spa can be transformed into a tropical garden or mountain retreat complete with waterfalls or spa-side fireplaces.

If you’ve wanted your own spa and pool, get the best of both worlds with a custom spa with the Fast Lane Swimming Machine from Alderete Pools.  Contact us today to find out how we can help you. 

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