Don’t Neglect Safety When Planning Your Pool Installation

There are so many factors and options to consider for your pool installation, but whatever you do, don’t neglect the safety features. It’s critical to install at least one reliable safety barrier to protect children and pets. While there’s no substitute for proper supervision, you need to have a backup safeguard in place. Besides, you never know when an uninvited visitor might be tempted into your beautiful pool. It’s simply not worth taking a chance.

We build only the finest swimming pools, and we carry only the best quality safety products to accompany them. Three strategies for protection include covers, fences, and alarms. Consider which of these, or which combination of options, is the best fit for your situation and pool design.

Covers. Pool covers do double duty, protecting your investment and your loved ones. Covers provide a safety feature while also saving you money on heating bills, reducing evaporation of water and chemicals, and keeping your pool cleaner. A cover can even act as a passive solar heater by capturing the sun’s radiant heat. For indoor pools, a cover can eliminate the need for expensive dehumidification systems.

Our Cover-Pools pool covers are reliable, easy to use, automatic pool covers that are built to last. With a simple turn of a key, your pool is quickly covered or uncovered. Think of  it as a “horizontal fence” for the pool, completely preventing entry into the water. By conserving heat, preserving chemicals, reducing cleaning costs, and extending the life of your equipment, you can save up to 70 percent on operating costs with a Cover-Pools cover.

Fences. If you’re looking for a vertical fence, the Life Saver pool fence is a great choice. Its polyester mesh fabric is woven with a strong continuous basket weave that impossible to break under any normal circumstances. The mildew-resistant polyvinyl coating will provide years of use, even in the harshest sunlight. Available in black, white, beige, or green, the fence is reinforced such that the necessary tension is maintained at the top and bottom.

Alarms. SonarGuard is invisible, fully automated, and works all the time, in any size or shape of pool. Whether it is for a new or existing swimming pool, SonarGuard is professionally installed and maintained, so you know it will work properly. SonarGuard creates an invisible sonar-net below the surface of the water, so that when a child falls or slides into the pool, the “sonar-net” is broken and the alarm is triggered.

One feature that sets SonarGuard apart is that this sonar-net is designed to ignore the kinds of things that tend to cause false alarms. It won’t be set off by wind, rain, or even toys falling onto the water surface. The SonarGuard system is “on” all the time, with a green light to let you know its working. You can put the system on stand-by mode during pool use or maintenance, and you don’t even have to remember to turn it back on afterwards. The system will automatically reactivate itself, after giving off a warning signal that it is about to rearm.

There are many precautions you can take to enjoy your pool safely. Contact us for more information about our luxury pools and top-of-the-line safety products.

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