Enjoying stress-free luxury backyard pools

The Huffington Post recently posted photos of 10 relaxing luxury pools around the US, from DC to Chicago to Las Vegas.  Although the post refers to these pools as "oases of calm," there isn’t much said about what makes them so relaxing, though they’re clearly inspiring in their designs.

So let’s take a few moments and consider: what qualities make a luxury backyard pool a stress-free oasis?

Color and clarity.  Clear water that captures light is extremely soothing to the eyes; whether it’s natural or artificial lighting, the light itself doesn’t produce strong glare.  As for color, different shades of gem-like blue are favored, whether lighter (aquamarine), greenish (turquoise), or darker (sapphire).  Adding a glass bead finish to the bottom of the pool also enhances its jewel-like qualities and rich appeal to the senses.

Harmony with the landscape.  If you look at the Huffington Post piece, you’ll see that the pools are in harmony with their environments.  If they’re situated on a lofty property and have a wonderful view – of hills, a city, a bay – the view is kept intact so that anyone lounging in or around the pool can enjoy it.  The pool designs are adapted to the location; whether it’s a more straightforward rectangular pool or displaying more curves and twists, it fits with any surrounding architecture and landscape features.  The landscape, furthermore, doesn’t overshadow the pool; for instance, the trees or vegetation don’t overcrowd the poolscape.

Safety and efficiency.  Although safety features don’t tend to show up in photos, they can be indispensable to a stress-free pool, particularly if there are small children around.  These can include an alarm that can be set to go off if a child falls into a pool, along with the use of sturdy pool covers – which can also help keep a pool clean and energy efficient.  In regards to efficiency, if the pool is environmentally friendly and saves on electricity and heating bills, there will be no reason to experience stress.  A pool can also be built with features that save you time, such as self-cleaning and purification mechanisms that keep the water clean and clear.

A stress-free pool is within your reach.  Contact us to discuss designing and installing a pool that’s relaxing to the senses, fits harmoniously with the rest of your backyard, and gives you no worries about maintenance or safety.  Instead, focus on staying healthy and relaxed, and having a good time in your own pool paradise.

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