Luxury Pool Construction That Enhances Your Nighttime Swimming Experience

The use of your pool shouldn’t be limited only to the daytime.  Slipping into your swimming pool after a long day on any night of the week is a treat, especially if your pool has the right features.  With beautiful and expert pool construction, nighttime swimming can be just as enjoyable as swimming under the sun.

What features enhance nighttime swimming?

Heating.  The air might be cooler after dark, but with pool heating you can still enjoy a swim even late into the night without worrying about the water temperature.  Having a heated pool doesn’t need to result in prohibitive heating bills either, particularly if your pool uses a more environmentally-friendly, energy-efficient heater.

Lights.  In addition to giving you visibility, lights should create a certain ambiance in the dark.  Lights that are chosen well will bring out rich tones in the water and poolscape, making your pool glow like a gem.  Any water features, including fountains and waterfalls, can be backlit and shine softly in the night.  Surrounding lights will bring out the beauty of your landscape, the lush grass, plants, and gleaming rockwork that you’ve selected to surround your pool.  As with the heater, the use of energy-efficient lights won’t leave you with soaring electric bills.

Fire.  For a truly exotic touch to your nighttime swimming experience, add a fire feature to your poolscape.  The juxtaposition of fire and water is intoxicating to the senses and makes your pool seem warmer, as if your backyard is a tropical retreat.  Depending on your tastes, the flames can emerge from artful fire bowls, ornate fireplaces, or an elegant firepit.  Because we adhere to the highest safety standards, you’ll be able to enjoy a design of your choice without concerns about malfunctioning.

Whether you want to swim or simply relax by your pool, throw a large party or just have a few guests over for poolside drinks, you should be able to make full use of your pool at night.  With the right features, night swimming becomes its own unique experience.  Contact us to discuss designing a poolscape that will give you countless hours of pleasure, day or night.

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