Luxury Swimming Pool Installation Adds to Home Value

Homeowners who want the enjoyment and health benefits of a swimming pool sometimes worry about how a major addition like a pool would affect their property value, should they have to sell. This realtor’s site says,” The most common buyer may not be looking for a home with a pool in a home search but end up choosing a home because it has a swimming pool. So, the swimming pool can be a feature that sells the home. . . . Higher priced homes have a better chance in recovering the cost of adding a swimming pool.”

The caveat is, not just any pool will increase the home’s value. The pool must be a quality feature: attractive, well-built and easy to maintain. Building the kind of pool that returns value to the property as a whole requires a quality builder.

The best pools start with a superior design. For the greatest value, the design must encompass the whole backyard area, including landscaping and lighting. The design should be rendered in three-dimensional color CAD drawings, which give a very realistic view of the finished project. And it should be done by a design firm that is familiar with the special codes regarding pools in your area.  

Next, the pool must be constructed by an experienced, reputable firm using only the highest quality materials. You should ask to see examples of the contractor’s work, and pay attention to feedback from his previous clients. Finally, you should consider adding extra features to your pool. They not only enhance value, they provide additional enjoyment of your backyard resort year-round.

Alderete Pools, Inc., has been constructing luxury pools in Southern California for over 30 years. The most exacting clients have found that our dedication to quality and our use of state-of-the-art technology make Alderete California’s premier pool builder. To find out how we can enhance your property, contact us today.

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