Nothing Motivates like a Luxury Backyard Pool

If you ask ten fitness experts what the best exercise is, the first activity they’ll name is their specialty, whether it’s running, biking, weight training, or a competitive sport. Then nine of these experts will say, “However, the best exercise for you is one that you will do on a regular basis.”

Many health experts point to swimming as the ideal exercise for overall cardiovascular fitness and weight loss. A wide range of motions make for a full-body workout that can be as easy or demanding as you like. Water is inherently a stress reliever, and even swimming leisurely burns more calories than any other exercise except for running and biking. According to the USDA, slow swimming burns more calories than heavy yard work!

But if you have to wait for an opening at the public lap pool, you’re going to be less motivated to go. You have to drive there and then drive back—why bother? Or if your current pool is old and uninspiring, you’re not going to want to swim out back, either. But what if . . . you had a luxury resort to swim in every night?

Southern California’s premier pool builder Alderete Pools Inc., believes that a pool should be much more than a hole in the ground filled with water. A pool should be a complete sensory experience: crystal-clear water, just the right temperature, smooth to the touch, flowing over various textures and colors. While the surrounding greenery is illumined by soft lighting, your experience is enhanced by the smell of scented wood burning on the outdoor hearth, the sound of your favorite music floating over the water, and the company of friends to share your enjoyment. All these make your swim so far from a workout that you forget you’re exercising at all.

You work hard for what you enjoy, so make your leisure time count. Contact Alderete Pools to discuss your vision for a backyard resort today.

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