Ozone Swimming Pools Combine Luxury with Health Benefits

If you love having a swimming pool but want something that is cutting edge and comes with many health benefits as well as easier maintenance, ozone swimming pools are the perfect solution.

An ozone swimming pool has a unique type of water purifying system. While you still have the luxury of a pool that is elegant and shows your esthetics, the water is safer to use and takes less to keep clean and healthy.

The ozone that you get from the Clear O3 water purifying system breaks down the waste products in your pool. These waste products can cause health risks when combined with chlorine. Skin irritations and even asthma are just a few of the issues that can arise from these by-products and while chlorine works as a disinfectant, the Clear O3 helps the chlorine to work better, giving you cleaner water.

The other great thing about this system is the fact that you won’t have to use as many chemicals; in fact, up to 70% less. This not only saves money but it allows your chlorine more ideal working conditions. There is also no routine maintenance that you have to perform like you would with a saltwater system.

The great thing about this system is that it can not only be a part of a new swimming pool but you can add it to your existing pool as well. Since putting in ozone takes away the chlorinated compounds, your pool filters and equipment has a longer life and that saves money as well.

Your swimming pool is an investment so why not make it as safe, healthy and easily maintained as possible? If you want to learn more about this innovative way of purifying your pool water, simply contact us or read more on the FAQs about ozone.

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