Pool installation inspiration from the top rooftop pools in the world

A swimming pool is ideally more than just a pool.  When you plan out a pool installation for your backyard, consider how you can make it a true luxurious retreat, ideal for leisure and pleasure, fun times with family and friends, and countless hours of relaxation.  As an inspiration, check out these stunning rooftop pools discussed by the Huffington Post.  All of them are located in luxury hotels, and each has become a top attraction for hotel guests. 

Even though your own pool won’t be perched on the 57th story of a skyscraper, these rooftop pools can still give you a number of wonderful design ideas, including the following:

Horizon pool.  In a horizon pool, the water seems to extend beyond any boundaries.  When you’re in the pool, the water touches the horizon – or at least, that’s the visual effect you get.  A rooftop pool that uses this effect to great advantage is the Sands Skypark Infinity Pool perched on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore; hotel guests feel as if they could swim right over the edge of the pool, as if there’s no boundary between themselves and the sky and the other buildings crowding around.  But again, you don’t need to be at the top of a tall building to enjoy a horizon pool.  Particularly if your property is on elevated ground, you could have a pool that seems to extend to the sky, or to the ocean if you have a view of the Pacific coast.

Entertainment center.  The pool at the Standard Downtown LA probably best exemplifies this, as pool-goers can enjoy music, movies, drinks, water beds that vibrate, and outdoor fireplaces.  With an expert pool builder, you can also turn your poolscape into a venue for multiple forms of entertainment.

Fit for night swimming.  Hotel guests are often drawn to these pools after dark, not only for the chance to mingle over cocktails, but for the pleasure of swimming at night; the city skylines and the stars overhead invite a long soak.  Likewise, pool heating and sensuous lighting will allow you to enjoy your own pool at any hour; with environmentally friendly and cost-effective lighting and heating solutions, you’ll be able to savor the pleasures of night swimming at no great expense.

If you want to get started on your own dream pool, using your own ideas and the inspirations you find around you, contact us.  We’ll construct a poolscape that’s a true luxurious haven, and while it won’t be as world-famous as one of these rooftop pools, it will offer you many of the same pleasures.


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