Pool Installation To Give You a Complete Spa Experience, A Comprehensive Workout and a Touch of Vitamin D

If you’ve been a swimmer for a while, you’ve probably swum in different types of pools, from large public pools with lanes to smaller, more intimate pools with trees hanging over them and beach views.  Although you might get a lot more exercise in a large pool where you’re swimming laps, you’ll probably have a nicer time in a smaller, shady pool with a nice view.  In addition to pool installation, if you get a hot tub as well, you’ll get a complete spa experience.

The Complete Spa Experience

You can start out by exercising in your personal gym which overlooks the pool.  Not only is the sight of the blue water relaxing, it’ll also remind you that you have a great cool down to look forward to after your grueling workout.  After working out, get in the pool for a couple of laps and some stretches.  Finally, get your body to completely melt down in a hot tub.  At the end of this routine, you’ll be so relaxed that you’ll fall asleep right away.  Having a swimming pool can be a great cure for insomnia.

A Comprehensive Workout

Swimming can also help you get in shape quickly because it combines three different forms of exercise.  It’s a great form of aerobic exercise, but it also has elements of resistance training because the pressure of the water works as resistance against your body.  Plus, it helps you to stretch better because the human body is naturally more flexible in water.  So all three ingredients of fitness are included in swimming and you really don’t need anything else.

A Touch of Vitamin D

Another great advantage of having a swimming pool is that you get a bit of sunlight.  Although it’s a good idea to always wear sunscreen to prevent skin cancer in the long run, you shouldn’t forget that you get vitamin D through sunlight.  So a little bit of sunlight is good for you, just not too much.  If you are particularly sensitive to the sun, consider getting an indoor swimming pool which is also great for days or nights when it gets a little bit chilly.

Whether you’re looking to get a complete spa experience, a comprehensive workout or just a bit of vitamin D, contact us to create the pool and poolside that will be just right for you.

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