Practical reasons for coordinating pool installation and landscape design

Getting a luxury pool is a great investment for your health and will give you long hours of outdoor pleasure.  It will also greatly enhance the beauty of your property, provided you take into account the landscaping as a whole.

To ensure that your pool is problem-free and looks as beautiful as can be, you’ll need to coordinate the pool installation with your overall landscape design.  In addition to aesthetic reasons for doing this, there are also a number of practical reasons.

Uneven terrain.  One concern people may have when they consider building a pool on their property is that the ground isn’t level.  Fortunately, there are workable solutions to uneven ground; for a particular solution to work best, it needs to be tailored to your property.

Too little or too much sunlight.  Depending on where you want to install your pool, you may find that the area is in complete shade due to large trees or a tall fence.  The opposite may also occur, where the area is completely unshaded, with no relief from sunlight.  An important part of planning your poolscape is determining how much shade and sunlight is ideal for you and making the appropriate modifications to the landscape.  When you hire experts, you’ll be able to enjoy a lush landscape that features both shady nooks and sunny openness.

Soil type and roots.  It’s easier to install the pool in certain kinds of soil, though an expert pool builder will be able to come up with solutions for making the pool site stable in different soils; for example, if your property generally has very sandy soil, which can collapse in on itself while being excavated, the pool builder will need to make an extra effort to shore up the construction site.  You’ll also want to check if any trees or nearby clusters of plants are sending roots into the pool site.

These are some of the basic considerations to make when choosing a site for pool installation; whatever decisions you make, it’s best if you get input both from the pool builder and from an expert landscape designer.  To discuss planning your dream pool, and shaping the landscape around it, contact us.  Working with your ideas, we’ll come up with solutions that result in a harmonious relationship between your pool and the rest of your property.

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