The Aesthetics of Pool Construction and Poolside Decoration

Whether you’re the kind of swimmer who likes to get in the pool and take twenty laps or you just like to lounge in the water and have fun, there’s a poolside that will be just right for you.  Swimming can be a great way to get in shape, and you might want to go the athletic route, in which case you probably think that it’s best to have a rectangular pool.

But did you know that swimmers who take a more circuitous route are more likely to develop all their muscles?  You can become equally strong as a swimmer if you have a kidney-shaped pool or a pool that’s divided into three small sections with a narrow connection between them.  By getting pool construction like this, you’ll be able to develop your muscles as well as stretch your body or just float.

If you are fond of art, there are a number of sculptures you could choose from for your poolside, in geometric or realistic shapes.  Those who are going for a Japanese Garden aesthetic might want to get a little Buddha and place flowers around it, creating a lovely shrine.  No matter what kind of sculpture you get, you should keep in mind that it ought to be water-resistant.  Stone and metal are good choices, but wood might warp in the long run.

If you like, you can even have a part of your backyard covered with a translucent roof that lets in some light but also creates a bit of shade with a green or blue hue.  This way, you get some protection from the sun but you’re not blocking it completely.  Under this part of the backyard, you could have a bar or set up a grill.

Next to your bar or grill, you’ll probably want to set up a table and chairs.  Outdoor seating comes in a variety of materials including cane, molded plastic and wrought iron, each of which can create a distinct look for your backyard.  Whatever direction you decide to go in, contact us and we’ll create the perfect poolside for you.

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