Trends in Luxury Backyard Pools

Just as luxury homes see changing trends; luxury swimming pools reflect the tastes of homeowners who value the investment and health benefits of a backyard resort. While home trends may be affected by many influences, particularly in interior design, pool trends are mostly influenced by advances in technology that prolong the life and beauty of a pool. Here are some of the more dominant trends in swimming pools for 2013:

  • Saltwater pools, produced by the Salt Water Chlorinator. The resultant mild salinity provides a soft, smooth feel to the water and eliminates the need for the manual addition of chlorine.
  • Advanced pool surfacing such as Beadcrete®, which encases glass beads in colored plaster. This material not only contributes a stylistic, architectural dimension to the pool, it wears much better than old surfacing materials.
  • Electronic pool security systems such as SonarGuard®. This fully automated system creates a sonar field just below the surface of the water that sounds an alarm when breached. It is a smart system that discounts weather and lightweight objects such as pool toys, and can be set on stand-by during pool maintenance. Reactivation is automatic.
  • Green construction techniques, both in the use of the in-floor EcoPool circulation system and in the operation of the crews on site.
  • Integrated resort design which includes landscaping, outdoor entertainment systems, and fire features. Technology and superior construction materials are merged with design to encompass the whole area for entertainment, relaxation, and exercise.

The family-owned business of Alderete Pools, Inc., has been staying on top of technological advances throughout more than 30 years of designing and constructing luxury spas and pools. We offer all of the amenities listed above, plus much more, and our long line of satisfied customers attests to our commitment to quality and service. To find out what we can do for you in Southern California, contact us

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