Name one Christmas present you’ve been using daily for the past 15 years or more.  What if there was such a gift?  A new swimming pool or spa from Alderete will be enjoyed by your friends and loved ones for years and years to come . . . it’s one of the only gifts that keeps on giving and will bring your family and friends closer together over the years.

What could be more romantic than telling your spouse you’ve planned a spa or pool in the backyard just in time for Christmas?  It says you love being with them, you want more time together as a family, and you’re thinking about them three months before Christmas.  No one can ever give you a hard time about being a last minute shopper again.      

You could buy a family pass to the local pool or water park, but who wants to deal with the lines, inconsiderate crowds, and uncleanly conditions?  Why not create your own pool party with your own family and friends?  You’ll be saving money each weekend and day of the summer by not buying $6 hot dogs and $5 drinks.  Not to mention the time you’ll save by not fighting traffic and rushing around to obey their hours of operation.  

Imagine slipping out your back door and into your own personal spa or pool whenever you choose day or night.  What could be nicer than pulling a bottle of wine and hopping in the spa on a cool fall night?  Well you don’t need a holiday to make your dream a reality.  Any day is a great day to get started. . .and you get to choose what holiday or occasion you want to announce your thoughtful gift.  You might still have time for a Christmas grand opening.  So contact us today and let’s start making your dream spa or pool a reality!

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