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Warranty Claim and Repair Request

Warranty Claim and Repair Request

If you are the original owner of a pool or spa built by Alderete Pools Inc., or have applied for and received a warranty transfer certificate from Alderete Pools Inc., please follow the instructions below to submit a warranty claim or a repair request.

  • Please read through your warranty and its limitations. Many common request for warranty claims are not covered, do to improper or inadequate maintenance of your pool, spa and it’s equipment. Please familiarize yourself with a common procedures necessary to ensure that your swimming pool equipment has been properly maintained and will not incur additional service charges. Those procedures are found in your copies of the owner’s manuals.
  • That being said, fill out the request form below completely. Your customer number and plaster date can be found on your warranty certificate issued two you with your owner’s manuals.

Check The Appropriate Box:

Note: If our service representative makes a service call and it is determined not to be a warranty claim And you elect not to do the repair work at that time there will be a service call charge of $95.00 incurred at that time.